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Websites can be seen a virtual online office which has the tendency of serving your business better compare to your physical office in terms administartives and marketing operations. They are of different types, technology, etc and the best approach is to design site based on user/client requirements so as to achieve its purpose.

All our current website design projects are done using the latest technology RWD. RWD is an acronym for Responsive Website Design, a bootstrap technology that makes one website to be compatible/friendly on all devices ie. smart phone, tablets, desktop, laptop of different screen sizes so as to give mobile phone users (site visitors) the perfect experience they deserve and also eradicate the extra expenses of building a mobile app especially where the goal/focus of your business is not not to separately develop a mobile web application.


The below websites are 100% compatible with all Smart Phones, Tablets, etc:

Carpurchasehero.com, Royaldiary.com.ng, Ruktam.com,  B-kenaresourcesltd.com Dynamicnifty.com, Seemorenergy.com www.bbjewelers.net, etc 

Mobile Website Design in Lagos, Nigeria

The below website are not built to be compatible/friendly on smart phone:

Segadconsult.com, Dapmusicworld.com, also Jadleadtechnology.com is presently not mobile compatible but this website proposal page is mobile friendly.

Mobile Website Design in Lagos, Nigeria


Apart from Google/Search Engines action on none mobile website, see in action the difference between mobile and none mobile website by visiting www.ruktam.com vs www.segadconsult.com on both a Laptop/Desktop System, Smart Phone and Tablet if available, then compare your experience.
Alternative, from your Desktop/Laptop visit the two website mentioned above using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome then resize the browser window to various sizes and see the effect.


The website will have two major sections the back-end and the front-end. The front-end is the section for the website visitors/users while the back-end section is for website manager.

  1. Home
  2. About Us
  3. Our Services (Product Section if available)
  4. Press Release/News Section
  5. Picture Gallery
  6. Online Chat Integration* (free & paid versions are available)
  7. Web Administrator Section & Webmail (Email Accounts for Staff)
  8. Contact Us Page with Online Form to Email integration
  9. Structure Database System
  10. Basic Search Engine Optimization
  11. Local listing of your business in Google search engine
  12. Social Network Integration
  13. Mobile Website Component
  14. Website Backup Component
  15. Website Security Component
  16. Blogging / Publishing Component* (News/Blog/Updates component)
  17. Users/Membership Component*
  18. Video Gallery/Integration
  19. FAQ / Help Desk /Support Component*
  20. Web/User Statistics Log*
  21. Website Traffic Tracking / Monitoring *
  22. Email Marketing/News Letter Integration*
  23. Automation of Manual Processes of your Company/Business* (Online/Intranet Web Application)
  24. Bespoke solutions upon your request based on other requirements


The above listed proposed web pages and features/components for your website are briefly explained below:

HOME: This is the first page of your website; it is the best place to welcome your visitors. Explain what your business is about and how people might greatly benefit from it. It may also contain a subscriber sign-up form to capture your visitor’s name and email address for follow up later through your email newsletter/marketing campaign.

ABOUT US: Describe your company or organization, explain its mission, significance for the community and why it is in business. Provide brief information on the history, milestones achievements, founders, employees or team, products and services of your company, personnel, research prospects, vision & missions, associations & accreditations, laboratory/equipment, career/employment opportunity, clientele, operating or working hours, social responsibilities, etc. 

MEDIA (Photo & Video Gallery): This is a page to show the most remarkable moments of your corporate life. Share the interesting things you have experienced and discovered. Please provide information about each remarkable moment and their corresponding media (photo or video clip) that would be used to design this page.

NEWS & NEWSLETTER PAGE (Email Marketing): This page will handle the news aspect of your company. Uses posts/articles to present the company news keeping your visitors updated on the plans, activity expansion and other occasions in the corporate life. This newsletter signup will also be integrated to this page to collect visitor’s name and email for later follow-up with newsletters and marketing campaign.

CONTACT US: Provides visitors with information such as your address, phone numbers, e-mail, etc. An online contact form to email solution will also be integrated for inquiry purpose so that your visitors can reach you faster. Maps and directions might also be useful.

BLOG/NEWS/UPDATES: page for additional information and to assist your SEO –Search Engine Optimization efforts. Here registered members and website administrator can post articles depending on access level that you want us to implement. The article posting may or may not be subject to approval by the website administrator.

FAQ: Frequently Ask Questions help your visitors/users to understand your website and business operations. It should be updated from time to time. We provide an easy to use administrator tool for you to update the data.

WEB ADMINISTRATOR SECTION & WEBMAIL: The Backend is the web administrator section where management of the website is done by a manager with high level of access and the webmail is used for email facilities.

SOCIAL NETWORKING INTEGRATION: This is useful to easily advertise your website on social medias such as facebook, twitter, blogger, LinkedIn, etc. Please provide your social media URL if available.

SITE MAP: An outline of your website to aid both people and Search Engines to find your web pages easily.

ONLINE CHAT: This application is used to engage your visitors in a chat in real time within your website for a pre-sales, inquiry or support questions. Available as free and paid version depending on your choice.

MOBILE WEBSITE COMPONENTS: This makes your website to be compatible with all mobile devices (smart phone, ipads, iphones, tablets, etc) therefore you will not loss visitors/customers that visit your website from their mobile devices because of compatibility issues with their devices in terms of website interface, layout, Scripts, navigation, etc.

WEBSITE BACKUP AND SECURITY COMPONENT: Both are integrated at the backend of your website for easy recovery in case of a disaster and for higher level of website security and firewall against hackers. Your website will be setup with the default and there are some premium feature that attract extra charge.

OTHER WEB APPLICATIONS: There are other robust web applications that can be deployed/integrated into your website at your request. Some of these web applications are Sales & Invoicing, Appointment Booking, Video streaming, Forum, Community/Social Networking, Membership, Online Store/Ecommerce, Online payment, Ticket/Support/Help Desk System, etc.



This describe the Default Features that you will get from us on the cost proposed to you, except otherwise stated. Our default website package include:

  • Item 1-15 of the proposed features listed above with Maximum of 20 pages.
  • Mobile Component
  • News/Blog/Updates component – It allow the site admin to submit a new post/article and it goes to the section/area of the site that is dedicated for such article.
  • Free Hosting & Domain & Hosting for the first year
  • Unlimited Email Address
  • Hosting Server/Account & Website Technical Maintenance.
  • Once in a month - Free Website Content Update for the first year (Text Update & Upload of Image inclusive) - This does not involve site redesign/graphic design as they are charged separately.
  • Social Media Integration (base on your choice)
  • Content Management System – This will allow Editing of the major content of your web pages, creating new onces and managing other important sections of the website.


The Extra Features means additional requirement/feature to the default website package and this attract additional charge/fee. Some are list below:

  • Automation of your business manual processes
  • Users/Membership Management
  • Ecommerce/Online Store
  • Online Payment
  • Custom online forms & Deliverables
  • Booking System, CRM
  • Email Marketing Solution….. and
  • Special Web Application/Bespoke Solution based on your needs/requirements.


Cost of website project varies since website design/need varies in scope of the users/client needs. But over the years we discover that some clients/leads do not have any special requirements in mind for their website rather than to display some information about their company/business, contact details and also have an online contact form. That is why we charge as low as N60,000 for our mobile website package for the first year with FREE Domain & Linux Hosting included (2GB Diskspace | 20GB Monthly Bandwidth) and subsequently a minimum Yearly Renewal of N20,000. With our website package we work as your IT Staff/Partner for your online presence success to manage all the technical aspect of your website so that you can focus more your business.

NOTE: With a Linux Hosting of 10GB Diskpace |100GB monthly Bandwidth | Unlimited Email Addresses; this same project goes for N80,000 with a subsequent Yearly Renewal of N30,000. 


Content is kin to a website. Images are defined as photographs, illustrations, animations, and custom graphics. Features common to every page of the design (banners, icons, menu graphics, etc.) are not considered images.

Where necessary we review, re-write and extract from the information provided to us and put up to two images per page averaged across the site except the gallery page.

We help edit your text to optimize it for readability and search engine optimization, but you will at all times maintain total editorial control.

NOTE: By default, FREE images/photos that are sourced online are use to package your website but we recommend that you provide us with your copyright/branded images or photos altenatively we can assist your in sourcing for PAID images/photos.

  • If available or necessary for the packing of your website; You will provide your company/business logo (or request a separate quote for it) .
  • You are expected to provide the information (text, copyright images/photos, etc) that will be used to package the design of your proposed website. Please provide us with necessary and accurate information about you/your business (such as company profile, products/services documentation, flyers, other specific information related to your business operations, etc ). We will write the text for other pages such as Contact Us, Site Map, etc.
  • Content writing services, high resolution images, photography services, highly creative graphics/animations can be made available for a separate quote all you need to do is brief us about your business and your expectations then we take care of everything for you.
  • If Blog is need, please provide up to 5 articles for the Blog posting. Up to two images per page averaged across the site except the gallery page . 
  • The terms of this proposal are subject to change.


  • The commencement of web project requires 70% up-front and remaining 30% upon project completion and client satisfaction.
  • Yearly Renewal is 100% payment and is due 15-days to the expiration of an active subscription.


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